The University Library, being an indispensable unit of the University, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. It serves as a vital resource for research scholars, students, and enthusiasts of music, offering a wide array of study materials. In addition to an extensive collection of books and journals encompassing various languages such as Hindi, English, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, and others, the library holds numerous rare and contemporary works, particularly focusing on art, music and dance.


Students, faculty, and staff of the University are eligible for library membership. Valid identification cards or library cards are required to access library resources and services.

Borrowing Privileges

Maximum of one book can be issued for students and two books for research scholars. Books are issued for one week only, in case the book is not returned a fine of Rs. 5/-day will be charged till one week and after that Rs. 10/-day to the date.

Access to Materials

Library materials such as books, journals, and reference resources are meant to be used within the library premises.


Maintaining a quiet and respectful environment is crucial in library. Users are expected to refrain from loud conversations, mobile phone use, and other disruptive behaviours.

Compensation of Loss/Damage

Users are responsible for the materials they borrow. In case of loss, damage, or defacement of library items, users must compensate or replace them as per the University rule.

  • Outsiders may avail library facilities on recommendation of the vice Chancellor/H.O.D. of the concerned department.
  • Library will be accessible during summer and winter vacations.
  • Research scholars must bring their registration slip to access the library.