University at a Glance

Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, is a prestigious institution dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and propagation of Indian music, dance, allied arts, culture, and tradition. The University is named after the eminent musicologist Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande, who played a pivotal role in the revitalization and systematic documentation of Indian classical music during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The history of Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya dates back to 1926 when it was established as Marris Music College under the patronage of Rai Umanath Bali, Raja Nawab Ali, and Rai Rajeshwar Bali. It started with a humble beginning but under the visionary leadership of Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande, the institution gained prominence as a center for excellence in music education. 

Pt. Bhatkhande’s untiring efforts in documenting, analyzing, and classifying various Indian classical music traditions provided a solid foundation for the curriculum and pedagogy of the university. His significant contributions include the classification of ragas, the creation of a notation system, and the formulation of a structured syllabus for music education. These pioneering efforts not only enriched the understanding of Indian classical music but also laid the groundwork for its preservation and dissemination.

On 26th March 1966, the state Government of Uttar Pradesh brought this college under its control and aptly renamed it after its founder as “Bhatkhande College of Hindustani Music.” Over the years, the institution expanded its scope and influence, leading to its recognition as Bhatkhande Music Institute deemed to be a university in 2000. It was subsequently renamed Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya in June 2022 to reflect its broader commitment towards encompassing various art forms. The University continues to build upon the rich cultural heritage of India and serves as a hub for academic research, cultural exchange, and artistic exploration.

Today, Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in fine arts and related disciplines. The university attracts students from all corners of the country, providing them with a nurturing environment, expert faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and ample performance opportunities to hone their artistic skills.

Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya has a rich and illustrious history, marked by remarkable achievements. Its alumni are scattered across the globe, and actively engaged in music education and performance. The university has emerged as a coveted destination for music enthusiasts from European and Asian countries, as many students from these regions are pursuing education in Indian Classical Music.