Vision and Mission


To cultivate Indian cultural, musical, intellectual, emotional and ethical integration of an individual with a view to evolve a human-being possessing the basic values of humanism, secularism and democracy capable of giving a fuller response to social and environmental challenges, and having a strong character and high ethical standard.


Our mission is to provide a vibrant and inclusive learning environment dedicated to the study, research, and dissemination of Indian culture in all its dimensions. To achieve our mission:

  • We aim to document, preserve, and celebrate the rich tapestry of India’s cultural heritage, encompassing art, music, dance, theatre, literature, philosophy, traditions, rituals, languages, and more. By doing so, we ensure that future generations can cherish and learn from this invaluable legacy.
  • We encourage interdisciplinary research that explores the diverse aspects of Indian culture, fostering collaborations among scholars, researchers, and students. By conducting rigorous academic investigations, we seek to deepen our understanding of India’s cultural traditions and their relevance in contemporary society.
  • We serve as a platform for cultural exchange, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage with Indian culture. Through seminars, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and festivals, we facilitate meaningful dialogue and interaction, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation of different cultures.