Departments in The University

The Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya is actively involved in the study, instruction, and research in various styles of Indian music. It offers both undergraduate (B.P.A.) and postgraduate (M.P.A.) programs, catering to students’ musical education and development. Moreover, the departments extend their offering to include part-time diploma programs, aimed to motivate aspiring artists and children to explore Indian music. These two-year diploma programs in Indian classical music & dance are structured into four categories spanning up to eight years, known as Praveshika, Parichay, Prabuddha, and Parangat respectively-Dhamar, Thumri-Dadra, Light Music, folk dance, Harmonium/Synthesizer, one-year diploma programs in Folk Music and Dholak. These programs enable students to delve deeper into specific musical genres and instruments of their choice. Furthermore, the departments offer research opportunities in the field of music through its Ph.D. programs. This allows students to pursue advanced studies and contribute to the scholarly understanding of music.

Department of Vocal Music

Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande established the Vocal Music department of Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya in 1926. years, contributing to its growth and enrichment. Padma Bhushan Dr. Shri Krishna Narayan Ratanjankar, Shri Govind Narayan Natu, Ustad Chote Munne Khan, Baba Naseer Khan, and Shri B.S. Pathak were among the esteemed musicians who joined the department in 1927. Their expertise and dedication played a significant role in shaping the department’s curriculum and pedagogy. In subsequent years Padma Bhushan Begum Akhtar, Dr. Surendra Shankar Awasthi, Pt. Harishankar Mishra, Pt. Ganesh Prasad Mishra, Prof Kamla Srivastava, Mr. K.K. Kapoor, Mr. Dharmpal Badpaga, Mr. V.M. Lele, Mr. Prem Singh Kinot and Dr. Tej Singh Tak further contributed to the development and enrichment of the music department. Each of these individuals brought their unique insights, teaching methodologies, and musical mastery to nurture the talents of students at Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya.

Department of Swaravadya (Instrumental Music)

The Department of Instrumental Music was established in conjunction with the inception of Marris College of Hindustani Music in 1926. This momentous occasion welcomed the esteemed Sarod maestro Ustad Sakhawat Hussain Khan and Sitar maestro Ustad Yusuf Ali Khan, who became an integral part of the department. In the following year, Ustad Illiyas Khan as Sitar teacher joined as a Sarangi teacher. This period witnessed the department’s growth, thanks to the invaluable Jog, Mr. Dau Ji Goswami, Prof. Gopal Chandra Nandi in Violin, Mr. Naveen Chandra Pant and Ustad Tajammul Khan in Sitar, Pt. Suprabhat Pal in Sarod, Mr. Beni Prasad Tripathi in flute and Pt. Krishna Kumar Mishra and Pt. Vinod Kumar Mishra in Sarangi. As time progressed, the department expanded its offerings to include Hawaiian guitar, Harmonium and Keyboard.

Department of Taaovadya (Percussion)

The department was founded in 1926 by the renowned Tabla player and Khalifa of Lucknow Gharana, Ustad Abid Hussain Khan Sahab. In 1927, the department welcomed the esteemed Pakhawaj player Pt. Sakha Ram Mridangacharya, The presence of Padma Bhushan Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa also added to the department’s prestige. In 1966, when the institution came under the U.P. Government, Pt. Ranganath Mishra and Pt. Sheetal Prasad Mishra, famous Tabla players from the Banaras gharana, joined as an assistant professor. Pt. Ram Kumar Sharma and Pt. Ramakant Pathak served as assistant professors, teaching Table and Pakhawaj, respectively. In the following years, Prof. Sudhir Kumar Verma successfully led the department. In 2001, when the Institute became a deemed University, Pt. Ravinath Mishra and Prof. Mukund Bhale served the department.

Department of Dance

The dance department at Bhatkhande Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya was established in 1936, with Pt. Ram Lal Kathik serving as the first Kathak dance teacher. However, it was from 1939 to 1971 that the department truly thrived under the guidance of Pt. Mohanrao Shankar Kalyanpurkar, a renowned Kathak dance professor. Over the years, the faculty of the department expanded, with notable contributors including Padma Shree Dr. Puru Dadheech, Mrs. Suniti Kaikini, Prof. Poornima Pandey, Prof. Kum Kum Dhar and Mr. Subhash Dixit in Kathak Dance. Additionally, Ms. Padma Subramaniam and Vasanti Subramaniam specialized in Bharatnatyam, Guru Banmali Singha excelled in Manipuri Dance, and Mr. Mukund Das Bhattacharya enriched the Folk Dance Department with their creative visions.